Music of Summer 2024 …. Begins …

… and so starts the wineries, parks and festivals …

Summer Musings

Well what an interesting time it has been over the last few months ... we are so excited for live music again!

LIVE music can happen during these Covid times!

We wish all our friends ~ near and far, old and new, friends we’ve yet to meet ~  put the pettiness of the world aside and live to sing the song in your hearts whether it be the smallest of voice or shouted from the roof and mountain tops ... live 💕

Live at jojo’s cafe with Double Stop Creek & Friends

“Great music, beautiful art, great evening” John N

”...fabulous job ... added some Cajun music, luv that stuff...”  Clement J

”Was a fun eve! Thanks for the great music!” Debbie F


Christmas Cowboy Style

Come on in and gather round and enjoy Christmas, cowboy style, a reminder of simpler times, a reminder that cowboys and cattle don’t get holidays and a neighbour’s call for help with “riding the line” never went unanswered. When families gathered round the Christmas tree and the excitement of the young ones making sure Santa had those milk and cookies.

Double Stop Creek & Friends "Christmas Cowboy Style" played to full houses in both Osoyoos at the ELKS Hall and Midway at the Community Hall...


"Really superb show last night in Midway"  Christine H.

"What an awesome concert!  Looking forward to your next one!!"   Liz G.

"Was great fun.  We all enjoyed ourselves." MaryLou B.